GIVEAWAY: 1960s Hairstyling Curling Pattern




Today's giveaway is from our book "1960s Hairstyling -- 75 Vintage Hairstyles with Curling Patterns." This fantastic 1960s setting is just as cool and retro today as it was then. For mid- to long-length hair, follow the curl pattern and instructions and you're "set." To see more hairstyles from this book, click the picture below.

The curling patternis below. Add a little vintage to your day!

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FREE PATTERN: Vintage 1920s Baby Sweater and Hat Knitting Pattern

Today's vintage pattern is from our book "Peace Dale Knitting and Crochet Book – Vintage Patterns for 1920s Fashion and Accessories (No. 5)." The pattern is a dainty and easy-to-make baby sweater and hat done in knitting. To see more patterns from this book, click the picture below. << MORE >>

FREE PATTERN: Vintage 1940s Peek-a-Boo Hat Crochet Pattern

Today's vintage pattern is from our book "Hats, Bags and Accessories -- Vintage Crochet and Knitting Patterns for 1940s Fashions (Hiawatha Book 16)." The pattern is a peek-a-boo crochet hat which is very similar to today's stretchy large headbands, but with a vintage twist. To see more patterns from this book, click the picture below. << MORE >>

Vintage Recipes 0005: Stuffed Frankfurters

From 1937, this vintage stuffed frankfurter recipe was tagged as an economical, easy-to-prepare recipe in the 1930s and was sponsored by Armour Meats. Try it! << MORE >>

FREE PATTERN: Vintage 1950s Rucksack Bag Sewing Pattern

Today's vintage pattern is from our book "Sewing Magic: 225 Patterns for Sewing Vintage Fashions, Accessories, Household Decor and Gifts." It's an easy-to-sew rucksack bag from the 1950s. Try your hand at creating this super functional bag! << MORE >>

HURT BOOK GIVEAWAY 006: Aprons -- 21 Vintage Patterns and Styles

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations to our winner: Brandy T.!



Which book is being given away?

Bramcost Publications is giving away a hurt copy of our book "Aprons -- 21 Vintage Patterns and Styles." Click the book cover below to learn more about this book!

What is a "hurt" book?

Known in the publishing industry as "hurts," hurt books are typically those with a bump or bend in the cover, pages printed correctly but bound crooked, pages miscut, etc. Hurt books are complete but have sustained a little damage so they cannot be sold as new.

How is this book hurt?

This book was miscut by the printer, causing a line of white space along the right margin. The intent of Bramcost's hurt book giveaways are to introduce vintage lifestyle enthusiasts to our books or new vintage genres readers may not have experienced before. Hurts are not available for resale. To keep our hurt book giveaways from being resold, a handful of pages are marked through with a yellow highlighter.

How do I enter this giveaway?

Tell us something that has to do with "vintage" -- a quip, interesting tidbit, something vintage you love, a Bramcost comment -- anything interesting in the comments section below.

When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway ends tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at midnight CST -- after which time will choose a name. We'll announce the winner at the top of this page and on Facebook/Twitter on Thursday, April 26, 2012.


Bramcost Publications

FREE PATTERN: Vintage 1944 Hat and Purse Crochet Pattern

This week's vintage pattern is for a 1944 crochet hat and purse. Make this matching set or choose only one -- either pattern is a fantastic way to add a little vintage to your ensemble. << MORE >>

Vintage Recipes 0004: Ginger Cake with Orange Sauce

From 1937, this vintage ginger cake recipe has a twist from the standard topping of whip cream -- a tasty, quick to make orange sauce.<< MORE >>

Vintage Recipes 0003: Tropical Orange Pie

From 1948, this vintage tropical orange pie recipe is a perfect combination of tangy orange and crispy crust.<< MORE >>

FREE PATTERN: Vintage 1940s Crochet Purse Bag Pattern

This week's vintage pattern is for a 1940s crochet purse or bag. Cute, fashionable and roomy -- all of the necessary details for a purse! << MORE >>


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